Ask Me Anything!

Many of you have sent me your questions about everything from substitutions in my recipes, where and how to procure ingredients to alternative, time saving cooking techniques. I’ve been flattered by your interest, but I also have come to the conclusion that I should probably start a regular forum to address your questions.

I’ve also made it easier to submit questions by adding a new Ask Me Anything link on my top menu and within all of my articles. So whenever you have an issue, feel free to send it my way! I may answer online or personally via email. But, eventually, I will get to all of them!

So, have a question? Ask me anything!

Questions Answered:

A Quick Guide To Herbs
I love herbs and want to use them more in my cooking, but I just can’t figure out when to use them and how. Can you speak about some common herbs and their use?

Building A Better Fried Calamari
You posted a really delicious looking picture of fried calamari on the email page for this Ask Me Anything you’re doing. I searched your blog and the recipe isn’t on there. Why do you torment us with such delicious pictures only to withhold the recipe? Gimme!

The Curious Case of Chicken
I want to get into the healthy habit of preparing my lunches for the week in advance. I really like chicken breast but it never seems to keep well. If I eat it immediately after cooking it, it’s juicy and tender but by the next day it’s rubbery, dry and flavorless. What am I doing wrong?

A Brief Guide To Chicago Chinese Food
You’ve made semi-themed dining and drinking guides for New York, San Francisco and Denver (of all places). Do you plan to do a similar guide for Chicago in the future? I’ve personally had little luck with most Chinese food I’ve had in Chicago. Chinese restaurants often have long menus full of unfamiliar stuff, some of which I’d be interested in trying, but I assume that’s a bit of a minefield. Would you recommend any restaurants, regional cuisines or specific dishes in Chicago?

Canned Sardines, Three Ways
I always hear how healthy sardines are and how delicious canned ones can be, so I sprung for a six pack of good ones. After my first two cans, I’m already bored of them. I tried using them in salads, but they seem to taste super fishy with everything. I really want to eat them because they’re healthy and sustainable, so can you please do an article on easy canned sardine recipes?

Highballs for Lowrollers
I’m in grad school so I drink at home out of necessity. I can’t afford decent wine. I don’t like beer. Cocktails are fine, but they require investments of time and money that I don’t have. How do I get my drink on in style without constantly feeling poor?


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