Hiking and Dining in Salt Lake City!

I don’t ask a lot of my vacation time. If I’m able to eat at least some delicious food, have an adventure and see something breathtakingly gorgeous, I’m happy. On my recent trip to Salt Lake City, we managed not only to find a glorious mix of delicious fast food and casual fine dining, but also to nearly kill ourselves when a snowstorm blew in on a mountain hike while we were nearly at 12,000 feet; nonetheless, during our nearly 20 hours of hiking over three days, we were witness to colorful autumnal beauty in the mountains, peaceful secluded waterfalls and stunning winter landscapes at high altitude. Instead of my conventional verbosity, I’ll tell the story of our trip mostly through pictures.

Waterfall Canyon

The hike up to Waterfall Canyon is a beautiful one. The path to the waterfall partially follows the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, which itself tracks the shoreline of an ancient freshwater lake the size of Lake Michigan. Over 15,000 years ago, through a series of cataclysms, the lake was reduced to its current size and salinified through evaporation. Today, all the that remains is the 35-foot deep Great Salt Lake. The waterfall feeds a stream that indirectly feeds the Great Salt Lake.

Malans Peak

In just a few short miles on the trail to Malans Peak, one goes from parking lot on the outskirts of Weber State University to brushy trails to deep canyons and spring-fed creeks. Views at the top, nearly 7,000 feet high, are truly magnificent.


Nothing beats grease after seven hours of hiking!

In-N-Out: 1x1 with extra veggies an a 2x2, animal style.
In-N-Out: 1×1 with extra veggies and a 2×2, animal style.

Aspen Grove

Aspen grove offers a series of gentle, secluded trails lined with aspen, maple and fir offering breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Stewart Falls

The picturesque, three-tier, 200-foot Stewart Falls is just a short hike from Aspen Grove and was among the best I’ve seen in Northern Utah.

Foundry Grill at Sundance

Utah native Chef Tim Anderson’s focus on globally-inspired, modern American comfort food is the ideal nourishment after a long day of hiking.

Uinta Mountains

Normally a moderately difficult hike, if you’re caught in a squall on Bald Mountains in the High Uintas, let my advice to you now be to head down immediately, or as soon as it’s safe. Should you choose to ignore my advice, you’re in for some excitement.

High West Saloon & Distillery in Park City

Chef James Dumas’s focus on classic culinary theory, local ingredients and pairings with Lead Distiller Brendan Coyle’s creations make for a magnificent dining experience–my best meal in Utah–tucked away in the mountains. My full review will be posted shortly, but the following is a taste, so to speak, of my meal there.

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    Didn’t recommend Red Iguana, huh? Haha…

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